Chill Beef

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Chill Beef Cheek
~ Beef cheeks are the facial cheek muscle of a cow. The cheek is working almost constantly through t..
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Chill New Zealand Angus Ribeye
~ Silver Fern grass-fed Premier Selection Angus pairs the buttery, rich flavour and bold character o..
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Chill New Zealand Beef Ribeye
~Ribeyes and rib steaks are quick-cooking steaks. Naturally fatty and more tender that some other cu..
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Chill New Zealand Beef Rump
~Rump is prepared from a top Striploin by removal of the tail (tri-tip) along the natural seam. ~..
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Chill New Zealand Beef Striploin
~ Striploin is the remaining portion of the shortloin after the Tenderloin and all the bones ha..
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Chill New Zealand Beef Tenderloin
~Beef tenderloin is so popular because it's so tender and rich. The good news is the butcher will tr..
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