Frozen Squid & Cuttlefish

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Frozen Cuttlefish Fillet
~ Cuttlefish is a very famous product of the Asian kitchen. Cuttlefish can be fried, marinated, pan-..
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Frozen IQF Squid Tube
~ IQF Squid Tube was freshly process and frozen for the convinient and help to prolong storage life...
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Frozen Raw Baby Octopus
~ Baby octopus has incredible flavor when grilling, it is a pleasantly chewy but not tough if proper..
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Frozen Seasoned Baby Octopus
~ Seasoned Baby Octopus is a popular cold appertizer for many Asian restaurant. Our Seasoned Baby Oc..
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Frozen Squid Head
~ This freshly frozen Squid Head is specially bring in for those who love the tentacle very much. It..
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Frozen Squid Ring
~ Fresh Frozen IQF Squid ring was process for your convinience. You may easily store and take o..
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Frozen Tako
~ Mostly Tako was use as raw or salad. Tako sushi is a Japanese cuisine that is popular. Tako s..
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