Frozen Fish Fillet

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Frozen Black Cod Fillet Skin on
~Cod is a good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and is especially rich in lean protein an..
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Frozen Leather Jacket Fillet
 ~ The flesh is firm and very white. Try using leatherjacket in Fish and Chip and you will love..
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Frozen Lemon Sole Fillet
~ Lemon Sole fish is a type of flatfish with deep pink tinges and gray and an opal appearance. ..
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Frozen Pacific Dory Fillet
~ Pacific Dory is farm raised fish with white and flaky fish from Vietnam. With a diet of natural ..
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Frozen Salmon Fillet Skin On (Trim C)
~ Salmon is an excellent source of vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium. It is a good source of niac..
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Frozen Tuna Steak
~ Try our Chilled Tuna steaks for  grilled, broiled, baked or pan-sautéed. Tuna is an excellent..
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