Frozen Crab

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Frozen Cooked Snow Crab Leg
~ Snow Crab is becoming increasingly popular due to the low content of fat and calories but also the..
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Frozen Crab Bite
~ Commonly use in local dishes. ~ Product of Thailand ~ 500gm per pack..
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Frozen Crab Meat
~ Crab Meat that picked from swimming crab. ~ Products of China  ..
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Frozen Crab Pincer
~ Crab Spincer was removed from Mud Crab. ~ Size approx 15-18pieces per kg ~ Product of Philip..
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Frozen Flower Crab Half Cut
~Flower crabs are edible and a favourite dish for many Singaporeans. They are caught with nets or ba..
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Frozen Immitation Crab Stick
~ Immitation Crab sticks are a form of kamaboko, a processed seafood made of finely pulverized ..
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Frozen Pasteurised Crab Claw Meat
~ Picked from the swimming fins of the crab, claw meat is a brown meat with a stronger flavor profil..
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Frozen Pasteurised Jumbo Lump Meat
~ Crab is not only super delicious but also super healthy. Crab meat is a good source of the healthy..
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Frozen Pasteurised Lump Meat
~ Crab Lump Meat is a blend of broken pieces of jumbo lump and special grade crab meat. ~ It..
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Frozen Soft Shell Crab
~The Soft shell Crab is the blue crab in its molted state that have recently shed their shells and a..
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